Be Safe, Be Fearless

“The main objective of this website is to give information to women who are facing violence how to prevent it and where to turn to for help and support. Unfortunately, the forms of violence described in the previous chapters are not the only ones women are suffering from. We also want to use this opportunity to present other, gender-based forms of violence, that take place in India as well as in many other countries in Asia and worldwide. Please read the articles on sex selection, honor killings and human trafficking if you want to know more.”

Sex Selection and the abortion of a girl foetus is a relatively new form of violence. It seeks to kill of a woman even before she is born. A woman, who may have not faced violence in any substantial way in her life, may be confronted with a dilemma. What will you do if your family asks you to use the amniocentesis test for determining the sex of your unborn baby? This section gives you information on the nature of the issue, its illegality, and its effects on society.

Honor Killings is the name given to the murders done by family, caste or tribe members because a woman or a man has violated a customary practice. In India, honour killings are usually done by caste members. Young couples have been ‘sentenced’ and killed for eloping or marrying outside their caste.

Human Trafficking is so misunderstood that we need to read, understand and clarify the myths we have.

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